Friday, January 17, 2014

Best Chorus Pedal List

Looking for some of the best chorus pedals? Check out the Best Chorus Pedal List below

Digitech CR-7 Hardwire Stereo Chorus Pedal

Best Chorus Pedal - Digitech CR-7 Hardwire

Earning its spot on the best chorus pedal list, the Digitech Hardwire chorus pedal comes with seven different chorus types giving you a huge range of attainable tones. Equipped with true bypass, this is a chorus pedal you should really consider adding to your arsenal! Most praise this pedal, but some do complain of noise issues.  On to some other features:

- 7 Chorus Types (Boutique, Analog, Multi, Jazz, Studio, Vintage, Modern)

- 4 Controls: Level, Speed, Depth and Chorus Type

- Stomplock knobs to hold settings in place

- 9volt battery and PS200R power supply compatible

This is a rigworthy, tourworthy pedal. Encasing built to stand up to abuse. High voltage pedal for high voltage playing.

TC Electronics TonePrint Corona Best Chorus Pedal

TC Electronic Toneprint Best Chorus Pedal Corona

Not only one of the best chorus pedals, the TC Electronics Corona has the innovative TonePrint setup. Use your favorite artist's settings or tweak them out to your liking. Tons of flexibility with this chorus pedal. Many like this pedal because it doesn't have the fake cartoonish sea sickness type sound that some chorus pedals tend to make, but others complain about its impeccable ability to eat up batteries.

Some other features:

- Toneprint Signature Effect Sounds

- 3 Chorus Types

- 4 Controls and 1 Switch: Depth, Color, Speed and Level. SFC to Tri-Chorus switch

- True bypass and analog dry through

- Stereo In/Out

Another roadworthy durable and reliable pedal. Standard pricing in the $100 range for a pedal.

MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus

MXR M-134 Stereo Great Chorus Pedal

This big boy would be a good addition to any players rig. Coming in a wtf yellow casing, you can set the width and rate of the chorus and then tweak the intensity. The bass and treble knobs are nice additions that you don't normally see on chorus pedals.

Surely one of the best chorus pedal, this big yellow pedal has a smaller yellow fellow called the micro chorus pedal. Both are pretty damn sweet! Some features:

- Unique Bass and Treble knobs for EQing voicing

- Both stereo and mono outputs for tons of tonal range

- Takes two 9volt batteries or can be powered by the Dunlop ECB004 power adapter

Downsides here is obviously size and the fact that it needs two 9volt batteries. The not so standard sizing may not work well in your pedalboard.

It's also recommended to get the adapter to power the big yellow beast. It's little brother the Micro M148 only takes one battery and is also well liked. Both are worth checking out.

EHX Small Clone Best Chorus Pedal

best chorus pedal EHX Small Clone chorus pedal

EHX has many chorus pedals. The Neo Clone Analog, Nano Clone and the one reviewed here, the Small Clone. I feel the EHX Small Clone is the best chorus pedal out of the lot. The small clone is a true bypass analog chorus pedal.

It comes with a 9volt battery or an option power adapter (9DC-100). This chorus pedal is nicely priced at around $80.

It has one knob used to adjust the rate, but don't take that limited feature for granted. This chorus pedal still has tons of tonal range.

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

What's a pedal list without a Boss pedal! Durable and reliable. Always $100. There's a lot of love/hate for the CH-1, but the CE-5 is a pretty good chorus pedal all around. Some features:

- 4 Controls: Effects Level, Rate, Depth and Filter
- Mono input/Stereo output
- High and Low-cut filters for further tone tweaking
- Boss 5-year warranty

This best chorus pedal allows for a wide range of chorusing effects. You can go from very mild to very in your face with just a few twists of the knobs. Like all Boss pedals, this one has a power supply option.

Best option is to try these out in stores. If you have a Guitar Center nearby, or some local music shop, bring your guitar in and plugin to some of these pedals.

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